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COARVAL is the second-tier Cooperative for Supplies and Services for the Agricultural Cooperatives of the Autonomous Community of Valencia.

It supplies its members with fertilizers, plant protection products, irrigation materials, fuel and diverse products such as hardware, work clothes and footwear, lubricants, etc.

The services provided by the Group include: agricultural and marketing advisory services, security experts, irrigation projects, installation of services station, mobile telephony, and, in general, those required by cooperatives and their members.

It groups together 150 Cooperatives from the provinces of Valencia and Alicante and has a wide network (COARVAL CHAIN) of franchise stores for the sale of agricultural supplies and cooperative products, and provides advice and renders services to farmers through the first-tier cooperatives and its own technical team.

COARVAL offers products and services to farmers on site, with an aim to lowering costs, doing away with intermediaries and having a technical advisory service at their disposal in order to improve their standard of living.

Since it was set up in 1981, it has been offering help to the sector so that the farmer can avail of state-of-the-art, more productive and environment-friendly means, while respecting and participating in historical tradition and an economic view of farming.

COARVAL operates as a purchasing network. The cooperatives make their order and it is delivered from our plant in Picassent. They can thus avail of a wide and efficient catalogue of products while at the same time lower their costs.

Companies in the Coarval Group